Leadership Coach to Women, Chandra Brooks

In this, the 11th episode of the first season of The Notable Woman Live!, I interview the one and only, one of my favorites, Chandra Brooks! We cover a lot in this episode, but in particular, we chat why YOUR voice matters in civic engagement.

Who’s Chandra?

Chandra Brooks is a wife, mother of four, Author, and Entrepreneur.  Born and raised in San Jose, CA her passions are women empowerment, social justice, improving voter outcomes and civic engagement in communities of color. She is also an appointed Commissioner of The Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, Chair of the Justice and Advocacy Committee and elected Delegate for The California Democratic Party. In 2017 Chandra launched The SocialPreneur, a purpose-driven business that prepares potential candidates to get ready to run for political office and coaches women to get on a Mission to Change the World by building leadership within their company, business, and/or community. Paired with a book titled, Black, Brown & Political: Get Informed, Get Empowered and Change the Game (which we talk about in this interview).

In the interview, we talk why politics are personal, how they affect your life whether you’re “into them” or not, and why and how to get involved in your local community. We also talk about Chandra’s upcoming book and course on training activists and people of color interested in running for office.

Free Gift for You

Chandra invites you to join her group “The Mission Mastermind,” a place of empowerment for women who are ambitious and want to lead in their lives. Join here. 

How to Watch

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