Coach for women entrepreneurs, Nadjejda Chapoteau

In this the 12th episode of Season 1 of The Notable Woman Live!, I interview coach for women entrepreneurs, Nadjejda Chapoteau, a coach for women entrepreneurs who focuses on messaging and niches. In our conversation, we talk about how ti find your message.

Who’s Nadjejda?

Nadjejda was born in Boston, MA from Haitian parents, grew up in Haiti and has been living in the U.S. since November 1991. She’s back home in Miami, FL after living in Washington, DC for over 4 years after having lived in Miami, FL for 18 years. She’s passionate about life, social justice, spiritual growth, love, music, dance, and making a difference. Nadjejda believes we all have a life purpose, and she gets really excited helping people fulfill their purpose by being their authentic selves, sharing their message, and doing work that lights them up while having a positive impact on the world. Fulfilling our purpose and doing work that lights us up is our way to share our unique light with the world.

In this interview, we chat about Nadjejda’s story, her why, how you can find your message through finding yourself, and why being authentically you matters.

Free Gift for You

Nadjejda’s free gift for you is her 7 Questions to Reconnect with Yourself, which you can get here >>> 

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