About this episode
In this episode of The Notable Woman Podcast, Cristin interviews writer gal extraordinaire Tara Bosler. Tara Bosler is a copywriting boss, and I love all her lives, tidbits, and freebies. In this interview, get tips on how to write like you, instead of the strange robot you that years of traditional schooling creates.
About Tara Bosler
Tara Bosler is a copywriting powerhouse who taught Communication and Gender Studies at the university level for over eight years before turning her writing prowess into her own business. She was under the gun when her contract wasn’t renewed by her university because she didn’t have her PhD, but instead of faltering, she flew and her business was an immediate success.
Episode Resources
Tara’s awesome website
Tara’s gift for you, a FREE copy of her Copywriting Playbook, great resource (which you can get by clicking on her website header)
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