TED Speaker, Author, and Work-Life Balance Strategist Suzanne Brown

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In this Super U Summit Talk, author Suzanne Brown gives us 5 mindset shifts that will help you create the work-life balance you crave.

Who’s Suzanne?

Suzanne Brown is a strategic marketing and business consultant and work-life balance speaker, consultant, and award-winning author. She empowers working moms to create the balance they crave with small changes that make a big impact over time. Check out www.mompowerment.com to watch her TED talk, read more about her books, and read her weekly blog about topics related to work-life balance such as productivity, time management, and being intentional with your time. She lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two young boys.


From Suzanne: When it comes to work-life balance, we often want to jump to solutions. We have a challenge and we want to quickly solve it. It’s really helpful to take time to do the inner work and understand why you want to change your work-life balance first, though. Understand your needs and what you want balance to look like. Juggling all the things can be hard, but doing the pre-work will make creating the work-life balance that meets your needs easier. We’ll talk about 5 mindset shifts that will help you create the balance you crave.


Suzanne’s free gift for you is her Know Your Why Guide. You can check it out here.


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