Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Coach Mysty Moon

The Notable Woman is proud to present the Super U Summit, 30 empowering women speakers over 10 days.

In this Super U Summit Talk, holistic health practitioner Mysty Moon helps us understand four different perspectives related to womb health.


MystyMoon is a certified holistic health practitioner, health coach trained by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, yoga instructor, and a certified Sacred Woman practitioner trained by master holistic healer Queen Afua.


From Mysty: How well do you know your womb? When was the last time you spoke to her? Your womb is a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual place. When you understand how to approach her from a holistic place then true healing is possible. I will not only help you understand these various perspectives but offer tools to create sustainable balance in each area.


Please join us by clicking on the link below, which will take you to Mysty’s video in the Society for Notable Women Facebook group. (You must join the group to see the video.)

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