You already decided

before the ‘rona that *this* was the year that you were going to stop doing all the things you don’t want to so that you can say “Yes!” to more of what you want in your life.

YES! You’ll write a book…

YES! You’ll start a non-profit…

YES! You’ll produce your documentary…

YES! YES! YES! You’ll launch your business…

Why let the coronavirus stop you? If there’s anything 2020 has shown us, it’s that the world needs all our pioneering changemakers more than ever.

This easy-to-follow, thorough, and step by step masterclass (with templates, audio recordings, and samples galore) will let you master those No’s so you can get to all the Yeses you want.

To put it another way…

Each and every week, think about how much time you’re losing by saying yes to people and activities that you really want to say no to.

If you were SUPER HONEST with yourself right now you would see it’s the toxic relationships, lack of boundaries, and saying “yes” when you really mean “no” that’s holding you back.

That’s the problem.

Not your drive or motivation to create.

In fact…

You already prioritize personal development. You know you and your voice matter to the world. Your idea matters. What you think matters.

So what’s holding you back?

Your time is not your own, and so you’ve stopped making the impact you know you’re here to make. You feel the weight that puts on your heart and you’re not okay with that.

Here’s another dirty little secret…
You and I both know there are a lot of people in the world who would prefer you stay this way. The system tries to keep you overwhelmed and off balance. Too busy to contribute. Too distracted to make change. Too overwhelmed to use that powerful voice inside you.
And that is every reason to stand in your power, say no to what’s draining you and make more room for the yeses that will empower you.

And if you could do that THIS WEEKEND would you feel like saying a big fat yes?

Master Your No’s and Yes’s in Just One Weekend!

On demand and immediate access!
Focused lessons and exercises helping you clarify exactly what your blocks are, learn 7 fast ways to bust them, and show you strategies to make the space you need in your life to create the impact you’re looking for.
  • 4 recorded masterclasses (lifetime access)
  • 29-page workbook to guide you through the materials
  • BONUS Screentime Reboot masterclass to help you change your relationship with your phone
  • BONUS LinkedIn Makeover to align your profile with your mission
  • PLUS 10+ templates, recordings, and practices for you to use in your everyday life

By the way, hi. I’m Cristin. After 10+ years in theatre management and producing, I started my own podcast called The Notable Woman highlighting the stories and successes of notable women just like you who are making an extraordinary impact in the world. While reaching over 20,000 passionate followers worldwide through this podcast, I pioneered my own practical innovation strategy called “theatrical thinking” to help women think, create, lead, and love our world towards a reckoning and remaking. And I think you deserve to be a part of it, don’t you?

Unbound will guide you through:

  1. The 8 most common ways women get in their own ways and how to know which ones may be affecting you

  2. The 3 most common time sucks on creative women and expert strategies how to navigate them

  3. Seven less than 7-minute practices to bust the negative thoughts that are holding you back

  4. Time blocking, planners, productivity hacks and more

  5. Unlocking your creative brain potential in your new found time

Wondering what it might be like to work with me? Read on…

I consider myself a very positive person. However, my moods can be swayed by outside circumstances, so I’m always looking for tools to “course correct” when I find myself in a funk. I love affirmations, but I don’t go out of my way to do them on my own. Cristin’s recording is perfect because it guides me back to feeling calm, centered, and positive. I like to think of it as the “good voice” in my head that kicks the negative thoughts to the curb.
Erin Ollila

Copywriter and Content Strategist

When I sat down with Cristin’s thought cleanser, it was the next best thing to sitting down with Cristin herself. She showed up as my friend, dishing out all of the things I want to believe and sometimes doubt. She was talking to me, not to a microphone. I felt these words in my bones and this is something I will listen to every day, and some day I will even say it along with her. This is not the usual variety of recorded affirmations with the new age tinkles in the background and a soothing, steady voice. Cristin’s energy and excitement about being who she is – well, it’s so real that you’ll forget it’s a recording.
Shannon MacFarlane


This recording of short but powerful affirmations made me feel as if I were being wrapped in a calming, empowering hug full of hope and truth. There are so many opportunities throughout the day to let negative thoughts run the show. Clap back at those dirty little demons with this beautiful collection of wisdom nuggets to get your mind back on track and your heart ready for the day. P.S. Cristin’s voice is like buttah which makes it even more delicious to listen to. ?
Shelly Robinson

Founder, Raising Yourself

In addition to 4 on demand lessons, you’ll also get 10+ templates, audio recordings, and practices that will help you:
  • create your own morning routine that makes you feel cool, calm, just like a breeze (Rob Base, anyone?)
  • create your own time blocking schedule so you can get done exactly what you set out to do
  • create your own “acting as if” recording so you’re consistently retraining your brain for success
  • destress at the end of the day so you can get a better night’s sleep
  • 2, 5, and 10 minute meditations so no matter how much time you have you can calm and refocus your mind

Stop the distractions.

Leap over your excuses.

Set yourself up for success.

This transformational course is normally $197.

But I’m going to make you a crazy offer…

 You’re getting expert tactics, sensational strategies, lessons, templates, audio recordings, meditations and more
So that leaves you with only one question…

Do you and your idea deserve the time and attention needed to bring it to life?

If yes, press that button. 


Get an email confirming your registration.


Get access to all course modules and bonuses in The Notable Hub.


Attend your live bonus session > Routines and Rituals in Creativity (Monday, July 27th at 8 PM Eastern).

Lady, you KNOW this is for you if:

  • You feel it in your bones that now is the time to create your big dream

  • You are tired of feeling overwhelmed by your never ending to do lists without ever getting anything meaningful done

  • You feel as if your mind and talent are going to waste rather than making the impact they’re supposed to be making in the world

But this course is not for you if:

  • You are “A-okay” with the status quo

  • You believe that “this is just the way things are” and there’s nothing we can do about it

  • You prefer not change your current situation, thank you very much

More on me, your guide

Heyo, Cristin Downs here, and I’ve been a theatre junkie ever since I wandered into Stage Crew my freshman year of high school during my pursuit to find my people. Find them I did, and since I’ve become an award winning producer, production, and event manager building the visions of leaders at places like South Coast Repertory, Disneyland Resort (yes, I worked for the Mouse), and HERE Arts Center. On top of producing plays, dance festivals and web series, I’ve won national grants, grown volunteer projects to media attention and massive donations, and served on non-profit boards.

I’m also passionate about adult education, taking graduate classes in the area, as well as trained in online education, design thinking, and gamification.

Personally, I’m a bookworm (mysteries and YA are my faves), newsie, pizza / wine / ice cream / brunch lover, and budding comedian (Fozzie bear meets Amy Poehler).

If you’re not creating the kind of impact you want to make in the world yet, it’s time to upgrade your mindset and add new strategies to your toolbox with Unbound so you can launch your world changing idea that both makes the world a better place AND supports your divine purpose.

Become the Wonder Woman you’re meant to be and grab the course and bonus templates at the crazy price below.

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