The Notable Woman is proud to present the Super U Summit, 30 empowering women speakers over 10 days.

In this Super U Summit Talk, fitness coach Melissa Ronda talks about what it means to be unapologetically selfish as women and walks us through a simple exercise to find time to make positive changes in our lives.


Melissa Ronda is a certified weight loss expert who helps women lose massive amounts of weight while eating food they actually want to eat. Since launching The Honest Weigh in 2014, Melissa has led clients to weight loss totally over 17,000 pounds and counting.

As an advocate for opioid abuse awareness, Melissa speaks openly and honestly about her struggles with addiction, obesity, and generational traumas on her podcast Honestly Melissa. She has been featured on Dream Cast, A Full Plate, and Vroom Vroom Veer as well as a chosen speaker and goal keeping expert for WESOS Foundations of Success Seminars.

Living in Chicago with her husband and blended family of five teens + mangy mutts, Melissa spends her spare time feeding basically everyone all the time.


As women, we say we want to make changes in our lifestyle — and then we say we just don’t have the time to make them. In this talk, Melissa gives us permission to say no, to delegate, and to be unapologetically selfish. Self care is not just about bubble baths and reading books, it’s about doing things for ourselves that need to be done.


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