The Super U Summit

Sponsored by The Notable Woman, The Super U Summit is geared toward helping women own their unique power.

10 days. your life. a more empowered you.

30+ speakers. 30+ giveaways. All virtual and all available for replay.

October 15th – October 24th

There is no more powerful person in the world than you, my friend. In your strength, in your softness, in your role as a mother, as daughter, as friend, as sister, as cousin, as boss, and more. But sometimes, life gives us a bit of a beating, and we forget that power, that strength. Come here, join us, for the 3rd Super U Summit. Over the course of these 10 days, 30 experts come together to provide you with the tips, the tools, the knowledge, and the permission to own your power as a woman. If you’re ready to take the next steps in your life, to embrace the good you’re meant to do, you won’t want to miss this.

What is the Super U Summit?

The Super U Summit is a 10-day online event with 30+ speakers who are experts in their respective fields and are presenting talks designed to help you empower yourself. Whether looking for help with your approach to mindset, trying to get on a healthier approach to food, looking for a way to get active in local politics, or trying to innovate in your business, this 10-day online event will cover 30+ ways for you take back your power in your own life. Whether you’re just getting started in your path toward personal empowerment or need a very specific kick in the pants, this summit is the perfect gathering of friends to show you the way.

Speakers will be coming at you from all over the world, holding live talks in The Society of Notable Women Facebook group, and then the talks live there forever! No limited replays, no pay for access. There’s nothing I want more than to see you doing exactly what you were put on this earth to do.

Own Your Power. You're The Only One Who Can!

Speakers on health, fitness, mindset, business, innovation, politics, education, and more!

The Speakers

Alethea Fitzpatrick

Alexa Bigwarfe

Angie Martin

Meliea Black

Cristin Downs

Crystal Bennett Harris

Erica Quigley

Heather Nadine Mackin

Joclyn Windom

Lena Hart

Sunit Suchdev

Lori Evans

Leni Johnson

Marin Turner

Melanie Childers

Nancy Netherland

Melissa Ronda


Lori DiGuardi

Suzanne Proksa

BA Ciccolella

Stephanie Nichols

Rosemarie Wilson

Nicole Vitale

Phyllis Reagin

Suzanne Brown

Melissa Coffey

Sneha Jhanb

Tara Bosler

Victoria Ng

Valerie Friedlander

Katie Kahvo

Join The Summit

10 days, 30+ speakers

No cost, no tricks, free replays, for life

The Topics

Let’s get powered up!

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