Certified Sleep Consultant, Susie Parker

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This is a talk you’re going to watch again and again with certified sleep consultant, Susie Parker. The title of her talk is: 5 Mistakes Parents Make with their Preschoolers Sleep (and how to fix them!).


Susie is a Certified Sleep Consultant and the Founder of Sleep Baby Love, Child Sleep Consulting. Gosh, I needed her last night and this morning (and right now, I hear my little bean!! Again!!). Whether you’re a Mama, or thinking about being a Mama, or a Grand Mama (any Greats in the house?!?!), baby sleep is a hot topic.

Susie can talk about anything in the 0-6 sleep space. She could talk babies, toddlers, preschoolers, setting a good sleep foundation. She is my go to child sleep expert.


You have a tiny human, and my gosh, he or she is just so cute. But then it’s bed time, and that little sweetheart becomes a terror. Your tiny human isn’t getting good sleep, neither are you, and everyone is at the end of their rope. It doesn’t have to be that way! Susie guides us through the 5 mistakes parents are making with their preschooler sleep, and then also tells us how to fix them.

(Seriously, just save the link, you’re going to watch this again.)


Susie’s gift for you is her Preschooler Sleep Made Easy Checklist. Download it here >>> www.preschoolersleepmadeeasy.com.


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