Personal Finance Expert, Julie Morgenlender

The Notable Woman is proud to present the Super U Summit, 30 empowering women speakers over 10 days.

In this Super U Summit Talk, personal finance expert Julie Morgenlender guides on how to have more money with “Money and How to Have More of It!”


Julie has blogged about chronic illness under a pseudonym for 5 years and is now also blogging about personal finance as herself at Nest Egg Chick. She is currently creating an anthology, a collection of stories written by many people, about living with chronic illness(es). Her latest project is the creation of products that promote awareness of invisible disabilities. In her free time, Julie enjoys crocheting and knitting items for a local homeless shelter as well as to sell, reading as much as she can, and especially spending time with awesome friends. She also takes plenty of time to rest and take care of her health as needed. Julie also loves spending time with any and all dogs and baking (especially the eating-the-results part.)


I asked Julie to do a personal finance talk for the society, and she thought it best to do a poll to see what people wanted to hear about. The overwhelming response was how can I have more money? So that’s exactly what she talks about here!


Please join us by clicking on the link below, which will take you to Julie’s video in the Society for Notable Women Facebook group. (You must join the group to see the video.)

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