Mindset has not ever been a word to cross my lips, let alone a thought you cross my mind.

I have been on a life long journey of self betterment, but I only read about it. I love to read, 52 books a year minimum for many years now, and it’s always been easy to find a thought provoking book to read. But implementing the book’s ideas into my life… Hey, what’s that shiny object over there!?!? I’m Good Will Hunting’s Matt Damon. Sistine Chapel has a beautiful ceiling, but what does it smell like?

My mind is full of ideas, but my life certainly hasn’t been. That all changed for me post childbirth. My body was less reliable. My brain was foggy. Sleep was a very distant memory. I suddenly had performance issues. I couldn’t just power through. Working harder would no longer work. I needed to work smarter.

epic bike jumpWith that realization, I knew that mindset was a big problem for me, and I could see myself self sabotaging. Eating the wrong foods, not exercising, spending too much time absorbed in my phone instead of with my husband, family, and friends – It had to stop. I didn’t know what to do, but luckily, the answer came to me through a creation coach named Jennifer Scott. Jennifer helps women create what they want in their lives and business by focusing on mindset. Through her free Facebook group, I was able to ask for her recommendations for someone with zero mindset practice. She started out asking me what I wanted to create, and I suggested momentum. Seemed like a good place to start.

Here was Jennifer Scott’s recommendation:

“Your ‘mindset practice’ would be to spend sometime every day picturing what momentum would look like and most importantly FEEL like in your life. Now it doesn’t matter what ‘form” your practice takes – journaling, vision board, imagining – do whatever you like best but whatever you choose, use it to picture ‘momentum.'”

And so I began. Every morning, I started my mindset practice. I attacked the practice from two angles: 1) journal writing, and 2) visualization while listening to an inspiring song. I divided my day up into sections, and I brainstormed on how I thought momentum would feel for me. What I arrived at is, I am:

EXCITED to wake up in the morning.
STRONG when I work out.
POWERFUL when I do my morning visualization.
CREATIVE at work.
BELONGING with my family.
AT PEACE when I go to sleep at the end of the day.

woman and the sunsetWhat I found by day 3 of this practice is that I actually did feel strong when I worked out. Post pregnancy, I haven’t exactly had a love affair with my body, and since I was exclusively pumping, I didn’t get back into my daily workouts until after I stopped pumping. To feel proud and strong after only 3 days of a mindset practice was huge for me.

About a week in, I started to feel creative at work. I also feel like I belong with my family, and I am at peace when I go to sleep at the end of the day. Feeling powerful during visualization is something I am working on, but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. Lastly, I feel like being excited to wake up in the morning might be an impossibility. I am a night owl through and through. Every morning when my alarm goes off, my first thought is, “NOOOO, please, no, don’t make me.”

A few weeks after I started the practice, we had my son’s family birthday party, and I did not complete my daily practice for 3 days in a row. And by the end of that third day, I was plagued by horrible thoughts about my body, my exercise, and my health. The next day, I went back to my routine, even though I knew it was of course futile. By the time I was done, I felt great again. This moment showed me how well my new daily practice was working for me, and now, I understand how it’s not to be neglected.

If you have had similar problems, I recommend taking Jennifer’s advice and instituting a daily practice. Mine really works for me. Let me know what you try and how it works for you.

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