Welcome to Season 1, episode 4 of The Notable Woman Live! I’m starting to get more into a groove by this time, and I also love Sasha so it’s not hard to have an amazing time. That’s right, I interview Sasha Gray of Scattered Sasha, and we talk about the importance of your journey.

Who’s Sasha?

Sasha is a Sassy Southern Belle, who never met a stage she didn’t love. Her favorite color is glitter, and she loves to tell a story (and what a good job she does!). She speaks sarcasm and Southern fluently, and her favorite exercise is running her mouth. She’s also a motivational speaker, a writer, a business consultant and a motivational mindset mentor, who loves to scatter as much joy, happiness, laughter, and glitter into the world as she can each day and see where it falls.  She believes 100% in Your Journey.  Sasha believes we all have one, and we all traipse through our own journey at our own pace, stopping, pausing, turning left or right or around and speeding up and slowing down. But since it’s Your Journey (yours and mine!), and yours is very different from mine so you own it and know that you have the map in your back pocket.

In this episode of The Notable Woman Live!, that is exactly what we discuss!

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