As I’ve talked about here before, I used to have an impressive morning routine that kept me in good mental, spiritual, and physical shape.

Key words: Used to. Kept.

I fell off my morning routine wagon, and it hasn’t been pretty. It’s been down and out ugly.

Here’s the morning routine I perfected during months of trying to find balance as a new Mom:

Up around 5-5:30 am
Stretch, short yoga flow, short Pilates exercises
Micro meditation with mantra
Gratitude journals while drinking coffee
Morning smoothie

Then I would bring a packed lunch to work, leave work on time, and then go to bed on time.

I would like to say falling off the routine wagon was a long process, but it really wasn’t. It all fell apart in less than a month. It didn’t fall apart in one way either. I can’t be sure what happened first, but I think it was staying up too late working on this wonderful project. Then I would sleep in and only have time to do one or two parts of my morning routine. Then I would forget to pack my lunch and need to order out. And then I would of course eat too much because those portions are deliciously huge. Then I would stay at work too late, which had me eating dinner too late, which had me getting to bed too late. And then it would all happen again the next day!

So what happened to me as a result?

I don’t feel good physically because I am not eating well or getting my exercise.

I don’t feel good spiritually because I’m not taking time daily to reflect or give thanks.

I don’t feel good mentally because I’m not as productive as I should be.

And of course, I’m beating myself over the whole thing! I feel this way because I am doing it to myself!

But the buck stops here. Time to get back in the game! I am going to recommit to my morning routine and myself because I can clearly see, now that I am without it, that it really and truly works.

Let me know in the comments if you have a morning routine and practice any of the aspects of my morning routine throughout your day.

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