Copy Coach, Writer Extraordinaire, Tara Bosler

The Notable Woman is proud to present the Super U Summit, 30 empowering women speakers over 10 days.

The next speaker I’d like to introduce is one of my faves, copy coach and writing goddess, Tara Bosler. She’s going to help us remember how to write like ourselves… again.


Tara Bosler is a copywriting powerhouse who taught Communication and Gender Studies at the university level for over eight years before turning her writing prowess into her own business. She was under the gun when her contract wasn’t renewed by her university because she didn’t have her PhD, but instead of faltering, she flew and her business was an immediate success.


You probably had to take a writing class in school at some point, and to ace that class, you had to write, well, let’s go ahead and call a spade a spade >>> You had to write like an ass.

Like a robot.

Like a person that didn’t exist.

And now maybe when you sit down and try to write something, a real something, you can’t even remotely sound like yourself.

And that, folks, is Tara’s magic. She’s gonna help us remember how to write like ourselves… again.

I am so excited for “Forget Everything You Learned in School and Write Like You!”


Tara’s gift for you, a FREE copy of her Copywriting Playbook, great resource (which you can get by clicking on her website header).


Please join us by clicking on the link below, which will take you to Tara’s video in the Society for Notable Women Facebook group. (You must join the group to see the video.)

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