The Notable Woman is proud to present the Super U Summit, 30 empowering women speakers over 10 days.

In this Super U Summit Talk, children’s book author Jody Smith reveals in 5 steps how to take your power back and create a life you love.


Raised on the beaches of sunny Southern California, Jody Smith is a published children’s book author and longtime believer in fairytales. A former interior designer and store owner, this now present mama, dreamer and explorer is telling stories just outside of Mpls, MN. When she’s not busy trying to figure out weather appropriate clothing, she loves watching her two charismatic girls use their imagination, grit, smarts and whimsy to navigate this world. It inspired her to write a book for all the princesses who are capable of saving themselves and for all the mindful mothers who revel in raising strong daughters. Her latest venture, Courageous Girl, encourages moms and daughters alike to make friends with fear, fight against perfection and show up anyway in their authentically curated lives.


From Oh, F*ck to H*ll yes is a story driven deep dive into the life of a woman who woke up in the midst of working and motherhood wondering where it all went wrong. After a decade of running a successful business; the great recession, a second child and a health scare led to a complete breakdown. She reveals in 5 steps how to take your power back and create a life you love. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if there’s another way, join Jody on this epic adventure to starting anew. Time is our most precious commodity. So what are you waiting for? Not everyone has to fall apart in order to rebuild.


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