Certified professional coach, Valerie Friedlander

Welcome to the last episode of Season 1, Episode 16 of The Notable Woman Live! In this episode, I interview Valerie Friedlander, and our topic is “Change the World from the Inside Out: The Power You Have to Make a Difference!”


Valerie is an iPEC certified professional coach and the founder of The Unlimited Mom. She’s also been called a little love-vitamin for your soul, a mindset magician, and a motivational unicorn. She’s a coffee-lover, sci-fi nerd, and extreme crafter, all mixed with a little bit of woo.

If you want to change the world, but just aren’t sure how to get started, this episode is a great watch / listen.


Valerie’s free gift for you is her “Pocket Pacifier” system which helps you handle stressful situations better so you can retain your energy. Get it here.


Click on the embedded video below to watch, and feel free to head on over to Facebook to leave a comment on the video.

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