The Notable Woman is proud to present the Super U Summit, 30 empowering women speakers over 10 days.

In this Super U Summit Talk, coach Rosemarie Wilson talks better not perfect is what we should strive for in “Give Yourself Permission to Aim for Better and Not for Perfect.”


Rosemarie Wilson is a coach and the owner of Pragmatica Coaching. She is an Accredited Life Coach and a professional member of the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring (IIC&M) and the Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP).


Engaging a mindset that works for you rather than against you. We often spend so much time striving for perfect that we forget to aim for better. How often do we compare ourselves to others whom we believe to be living in the perfect kingdom when peaking in through the tiny window to their world. Here are some reminders or perhaps new perspectives for some, on how you can radiate a mindset that creates for you authentic self-belief and confidence so that you create a version of yourself that provides you with your own incredible inner power not to strive for perceived perfection but to embrace better.


Please join us by clicking on the link below, which will take you to Rosemarie’s video in the Society for Notable Women Facebook group. (You must join the group to see the video.)

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