Happy to have you here at The Notable Woman!

But what if you aren’t quite sure what The Notable Woman even is… Read on.

Happy to have you here at The Notable Woman!

But what if you aren’t quite sure what The Notable Woman even is… Read on.

Who is a Notable Woman?

A Notable Woman loves herself, just as she is, and strives to make an impact on the world around her. Whether through volunteering, education, art, science, religion, civil rights – you name it – a Notable Woman has a cause, a soapbox that is her way of having meaningful impact on her community and this world.

What is it that you do here, exactly?

The Notable Woman serves a few purposes. It lets people who already have a cause they’re passionate about scream it from the rooftops through articles and podcast interviews. It lets people who know they want to have a stronger world impact hear these stories, and either choose to join these causes or to use the stories to inspire a new path. And lastly, you can’t make an impact without being the best version of YOU so I incorporate stories, tips, and practices I am using to balance work, family, and impact.

Okay, I am FIRED UP! What now?

The world is your oyster, my friend. Read the posts, connect with other like-minded individuals on my Facebook page, and most importantly – TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE AND WHAT YOU NEED. I am here to serve your greater purpose, whether it’s rescuing dogs or teaching people to read or anything in between. Chat me up on Facebook or send me an email at cristin@thenotablewoman.com.

Uhhh, I know I want to make an impact in the world, but I'm not sure how.

You’re in the right place. It’s okay not to quite know where you fit in, what gets you fired up, and what you’re supposed to do next. Here’s my advice: Look through some blog posts, peruse the podcast episodes, and watch some NotableTV (after March 2017), and see what interests you. If you like the style of someone I’m interviewing, join their email list or Facebook group. If the topic really resonates with you, check my resources or Google to see what other organizations you can find. And of course, I am a connection maven! If you need a connection, send me an email at cristin@thenotablewoman.com, and I will find the right fit for you.

I know I would be a perfect fit for The Notable Woman! Blog interview, podcast, NotableTV - we are long lost sisters.

I’m a big dork so right now I’m hitting my Staples “That was easy!” button. Just send me an email at cristin@thenotablewoman.com with “Interview me!” in the subject so we can get the conversation going.