Get Your Freebies!!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? (I know I do!!)


Who doesn’t love free stuff? (I know I do!!)

Use this motivational audio to change your thoughts then your judgments then your actions.

A UC Berkeley professor Dr. Anderson noted that the reason confident people don’t piss people off is because they are not faking it. They really and truly believe in themselves. They don’t see setbacks as a judgment against them. Just like Edison and the light bulb. Each time he failed, he didn’t say, “I’m so terrible, I’m gonna eat all the brownies!” He said, “Well, that way didn’t work. Check that off the list.” So how can we do that? How can we believe in ourselves when right now, we don’t?

Do you sometimes forget that YOU are a Notable Woman?

Never again with “Fuel for Your Feminine Fire!” Pepper your life with quotes from your favorite notable women – including guests from The Notable Woman Podcast – so you can surround yourself with the reminders you need to keep rocking it out.

Use this checklist to get your movement started, whatever it is!! Whether starting a pet rescue or raising funds for a favorite cause, this is a great place to start!