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In today’s episode of The Notable Woman Podcast, our second episode in my first series to introduce you to what we’re tackling here, I interview Julie Morgenlender. Julie is absolutely a notable woman and she could be on this podcast for many reasons, but I really wanted her on an episode breaking down the stigma around chronic illness. I know people with chronic illness and you do too. It’s time that we all find a greater understanding of these hidden illnesses and disabilities. We speak at length about Julie’s own diagnoses, what those illnesses mean for her and her daily life, and what sort of assumptions people make about her as someone with a chronic illness. This conversation really opened my eyes to what Julie’s life is like, and although I will never truly know what it’s like to have a chronic illness, I have greater respect and empathy because of her. I hope you enjoy our conversation, and hit me up with your thoughts below in the comment section.

About Julie Morgenlender

“You know somebody with a chronic illness. Even if you don’t know that you do, you do.”

Julie has blogged about chronic illness under a pseudonym for 5 years and is now also blogging about personal finance as herself at Nest Egg Chick. She is currently creating an anthology, a collection of stories written by many people, about living with chronic illness(es). Her latest project is the creation of products that promote awareness of invisible disabilities. In her free time, Julie enjoys crocheting and knitting items for a local homeless shelter as well as to sell, reading as much as she can, and especially spending time with awesome friends. She also takes plenty of time to rest and take care of her health as needed. Julie also loves spending time with any and all dogs and baking (especially the eating-the-results part.)

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Other Resources
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Great support group: The American Chronic Pain Association
The anthology, Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out, edited by Loraine Hutchins and Lani Kaahumanu
Article from The Mighty on financial challenges faced by people with chronic illness

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