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In this episode, I explain why The Notable Woman is my passion project, and how the whole idea came into being. I also talk about what you can expect from this podcast. See below for the transcript.


Hello! This is the Notable Woman podcast, and I’m your host Cristin Downs.

This my double 0 – my first / not first podcast episode that tells you why I started this show to begin with.

Everyone’s got skillz, and some are even marketable. My #1 skill sets, no doubt about it, don’t quite make it on a resume. I get people fired up! I get people excited about, well, you name it. Causes, projects, volunteering, raising money. I am also a connection queen. Mention a people need in passing, and more times than not, I’ll say, oh so and so would be a perfect person for you to talk to, let me put you in touch.

I knew I wanted to start a passion project, but I didn’t know what it was going to be. So I thought and I thought. And I thought some more. And I kept coming back to these really amazing moments in my life – working with a team of awesome women to mobilize hundreds of volunteers and securing truckloads of donations after Hurricane Sandy. Raising money for families in need. Helping people, with something as simple as proofreading a resume or suggesting a videographer.

How could I get to do THAT, those awesome projects again? How could I use my weird skill set for good?

As many times as I said it was hopeless, this tiny idea would just not go away. It would pop into my head at the strangest times, relentlessly in pursuit of my active brain space, which there was (and still is) remarkably little left as a new mama.

And so I gave in. The idea was bigger than my objections.

The Notable Woman was born.

The Notable Woman is a blog, podcast, and soon to be TV show. What do we do here? We talk with notable women about the huge ways they are making an impact on their communities and the world at large. The Notable Woman is also for women who know they want to make a big impact in the world, but haven’t figured out how yet. In the first three episodes, we’re talking about performing arts, chronic illness, and religion. After this opening 1,2,3 punch, I’ll be working in content series of different lengths. I’ll be working in themes like “A Woman’s Body” or “Versions of Your Ideal Self” and we’ll be talking to pole dancers and women’s health advocates and entrepreneurs and many more types of women! I am so fired up that I get to do this! And I hope you’ll join me both by subscribing to this podcast AND also emailing me at cristin@thenotablewoman.com if you need to be my next interview.

A little bit of housekeeping –

Who’s the Notable Woman, exactly? It’s either my guest or you or both. That means I might have a – wait for it – man on an episode where I think you as my listeners would really benefit from him as a guest. I’m a feminist, and I know that just because someone happens to be born a man doesn’t mean that he can’t be wildly passionate about women’s issues. I’m striving to raise a son who fits that bill.

You’re going to hear me talk a lot about my life in the theatre, and you’re going to think, “then why are you such a mumbler, you ass?” Well, my dears, I worked primarily as a manager in the theatre, as well in other roles, but NOT onstage. I cannot stress that enough. Whenever directors had the clever idea that the backstage crew should come out for a gag or make an announcement over the God mic (or as normal people would say announcement mic), I would die 100 times over. I am a bit of a ham, but not in the prepared, I’m working according to a plan sort of way. More in the free spirit ass sort of way. SO I am working very hard to give you the best possible podcast, but not as an actor, as a mere mortal.

Cursing – I curse like a sailor BUT I do not want my young son bringing notes home from kindergarten about how he called someone an MF so I am working very hard to stop. I also think it would be nice if you could listen to these episodes with your children, especially your daughters and nieces. Wouldn’t I have loved to hear from inspiring women once a week when I was a wee one? However, I will not censor women. Haven’t we had enough centuries of that? So my guests may curse, and I will note those episodes as explicit so you can avoid them if you like.

Lastly, I am going to shine a light on as many causes and notable women as I can, but I am by no means an expert. In fact, I bet you won’t be either which is why I’m interviewing these great women in the first place. I encourage my guests to let me know if I am being an ass or insensitive, and occasionally, they have me ask a question so they get a chance to respond to insensitivity. Most of the time though, it’s just me being an ass.

Enjoy our first three episodes! I’ll catch you on the flip side!

About Cristin

“What do we do here? We talk with notable women about the huge ways they are making an impact on their communities and the world at large. The Notable Woman is also for women who know they want to make a big impact in the world, but haven’t figured out how yet.”

Cristin Downs is a boss, blogger, and podcaster. She rules her tiny roost at Pace University as the director of the continuing studies unit. She’s had a pretty eclectic career, but moments that truly defined her sense of self: becoming a strong woman leader and independent thinker at Cedar Crest College, learning arts exceptionalism at UC Irvine’s School of the Arts, experiencing first rate business processes with the mouse at Disneyland Resort, and becoming an activist at Riverside Church. Cristin loves to read, the theatre, dancing in the kitchen, and her family and friends.