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The Best of The Notable Woman: 2016

“The Best of The Notable Woman: 2016” is my look back at everything I loved about this year. In all fairness, it’s been a pretty short year. Though in gestation for a very long time (like an elephant pregnancy, I’m telling you!), The Notable Woman is barely 4 months...

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So You Want to Start a Podcast

Do you want to start your very own podcast? Last week, I shared my tips, tricks, and resources in case you were interested in starting your very own blog. I’m having a lot of fun with mine. But maybe blogging isn’t your thing. Maybe you don’t really enjoy writing, but...

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So You Want to Start a Blog

If you’re anything like me, the idea of starting a blog might intrigue you. Maybe you have something you’d love to write about. Maybe you have a passion project, like me. Maybe you think it would be a smart idea for your business to have a blog, but you’re not sure...

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One Year, One Hundred Women’s Stories

After the election results last week, I received many texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages that the world needed The Notable Woman now more than ever. Meh, I thought. I didn’t know if I agreed.

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I gave up on my morning routine. Here’s what happened.

As I’ve talked about here before, I used to have an impressive morning routine that kept me in good mental, spiritual, and physical shape. Keywords: “Used to. Kept.” I fell off my morning routine wagon, and it hasn’t been pretty. It’s been down and out ugly.

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Little But Still Fierce: Living with Spina Bifida

Mother Kristin Minara got a set of test results back to discover the baby she was carrying had spina bifida. And just like everything she does, Kristin embraced her unborn child and embraced her new life as a mother of a child with spina bifida. As it is the end of Spina Bifida Awareness month (October), I sat down with Kristin so she and Natalie, her young daughter, could spread that awareness to us.

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DIY Charity Event: Run AND Have Fun! with Cheryl Helmick

You come home at the end of another long day, sit down to an excellent dinner prepared by your “stay at home Dad” husband, go for your family evening walk, bathe your son, read him a book, and after he’s in bed, then curl up with your — Facebook. You do too, you do! I see you there. And what do you see but that amazing Cheryl Helmick talking about her annual family fundraiser for charity.

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Send in the (Good) Clowns

The history of clowning is very old, with origins going back to Egypt 2500 BC. You might know some about it as a world citizen from your knowledge of art history. Or maybe your understanding of clowning begins and ends with Krusty the Clown. Clowning connects humanity with our most basic emotions.

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You ARE a Notable Woman

You can bet a pie of delicious New York pizza that I didn’t start a blog and podcast on notable women not having a long list of women already in mind. These are women that I know and know well. I knew who I wanted to interview for the blog and who for the podcast and who for both. I have a list of women and the topics I would love to discuss with them. But for some reason, women having a hard time acknowledging their own awesome.

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“I Celebrate Myself”: An Interview with High School English Teacher Nicole Mustaccio

Nicole Mustaccio is an English teacher in the New Jersey public school system, and she is out about her sexual orientation. She is married to a wonderful woman and mother to two delightful sons. One is named after one of her favorite literary greats, Dante Alighieri, the Italian poet known for the epic Divine Comedy, and her second son, Austin, is an amazing young man who is attending Nicole’s alma mater West Chester University. I talked to Nicole about her experience as a teacher in the United States public school system.

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The Powerful Benefits of Volunteering

I’m talking about how volunteering benefits YOU. There are four effects to consider: happiness, health, career success, and more time. Check out this short video (less than 90 seconds) to see how research shows how volunteering creates powerful life benefits.

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Insurance Know How: Take Care of Yourself, Your Family, and Your Home

Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull? Did you know that the owner of whatever bar or restaurant you’re frequenting had to get special insurance for you to be able to enjoy that experience?

Neither did I until I worked for my father one summer and had to remember to include the “mechanical bull exclusion” in people’s new or renewal insurance packets. That fine summer of 2002, I read well over 50 books from the Doylestown Library, lived on UPenn’s campus, and learned more about insurance than I ever wanted to know.

As an intellectual exercise, I find insurance fascinating, but once you add in the human element, I quickly lose interest. These are people’s lives we’re talking about. The entire premise of the insurance company doing everything it possibly can to NOT pay you always gets my goat.

But that doesn’t mean I get a pass, and neither do you! Being properly insured can mean all the difference in the world to you and your family in times of crisis.

Enter Meghan Krajewski, my amazing, selfless, and beautiful older sister who joined our father in the family business. As someone newly licensed who just opens her own agency, I thought she’d be a great person to give us Notable Women a look into this world.

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Mama, Rock Your Body with Shelly Robinson, Fill Up on Life

Open a magazine, turn on the news, even listen to your mother and her friends, and eventually your own friends. “She ‘let herself go’ after the baby.” “She looks so amazing, she must have had work done. No one looks that good a month after her baby is born.” I would high five anyone who managed to make it to child bearing years without hearing this negative messaging. So is it any wonder that a woman can get negative about her post baby body? Enter Shelly Robinson, stage right.

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Champion Mindset, Champion Yourself

My mind is full of ideas, but my life certainly hasn’t been. That all changed for me post childbirth. My body was less reliable. My brain was foggy. Sleep was a very distant memory. I suddenly had performance issues. I couldn’t just power through. Working harder would no longer work. I needed to work smarter. That’s where mindset came in.

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