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There are many definitions of advocacy, but my favorite is “the act of supporting others to make their voices heard, or to speak up for yourself.” In these selections, you will find people who are supporting others and their voices, people who have found their own voices, or tips and tools to support either avenue. Speaking your truth will heal you, and others hearing you speak the truth will heal the world.

Featured Advocacy Content

Working with Nonprofits with Vicki May Thorne

Video: Why YOUR Voice Matters in Civic Engagement with Chandra Brooks

Telling Important Stories with Michal Birnbaum

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Little But Still Fierce: Living with Spina Bifida

Little But Still Fierce: Living with Spina Bifida

Mother Kristin Minara got a set of test results back to discover the baby she was carrying had spina bifida. And just like everything she does, Kristin embraced her unborn child and embraced her new life as a mother of a child with spina bifida. As it is the end of Spina Bifida Awareness month (October), I sat down with Kristin so she and Natalie, her young daughter, could spread that awareness to us.

DIY Charity Event: Run AND Have Fun! with Cheryl Helmick

DIY Charity Event: Run AND Have Fun! with Cheryl Helmick

You come home at the end of another long day, sit down to an excellent dinner prepared by your “stay at home Dad” husband, go for your family evening walk, bathe your son, read him a book, and after he’s in bed, then curl up with your — Facebook. You do too, you do! I see you there. And what do you see but that amazing Cheryl Helmick talking about her annual family fundraiser for charity.

You ARE a Notable Woman

You ARE a Notable Woman

You can bet a pie of delicious New York pizza that I didn’t start a blog and podcast on notable women not having a long list of women already in mind. These are women that I know and know well. I knew who I wanted to interview for the blog and who for the podcast and who for both. I have a list of women and the topics I would love to discuss with them. But for some reason, women having a hard time acknowledging their own awesome.

Featured Video

Featured Content

Podcast: Building Confidence, Moving Through Fear with Rosemarie Wilson

Video: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid? with Donielle Morris

Podcast: Meditation with Boom Shikha

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