I want to live in a world where

Women know they’re notable and whole and stunning, just as they are, so that they can think, create, lead, and love in a way that’s visceral, experiential, and uncommon.

Women are allowed. Allowed to exist. To take up space. To breathe, to love, to laugh, to talk, to yell, to scream, to curse and more.

Our capacity grows through conversation + community.

that must be shared

connection and purpose in the everyday

for the momentum to disrupt the narrative

If you’re here, maybe you joined me from…

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Who’s party is this?

The Notable Woman is run by me, Cristin Downs. I’m a leader, an advocate, a truth seeker/speaker, with an aversion to bullsh*t. I’m a visionary, a dream-maker, a storyteller, a disruptor.  Transparent? Authentic? Empath? No poker face? All true. The Notable Woman is my passion project. There is nothing I am more vehement about than the role of women in realizing the new world order.  Mama to a tiny toddler mischief maker and pet menagerie, I hold down the fort in NYC with my actor hubby Michael Moreno.